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Underlay & Its uses

Underlay acts as a shock-absorber against wear and tear and will prevent the carpet pile from flattening, which can extend the lifetime of your carpet by up to 50%. Underlay also dramatically improves sound and heat insulation. Although when fitted it is hidden, it is still working to maintain the life and appearance of your new carpet so requires careful consideration.

  • The best for comfort
  • Better heat insulation
  • Helps carpets look better for longer
  • Improves hygiene
  • Helps with sound insulation
  • What type of sub floor do you have?
  • Is underfloor heating being used?
  • What are your personal requirements?

All these need to be considered before we advise you on your best options of underlay.



There are many types of underlay for your new carpet and wooden flooring.

  • Rubber Underlays 
  • PU Underlays
  • Contract underlays
  • Crumb Rubber underlays
  • Felt underlays
  • Wood and Laminate underlays
  • Carpet underlay
Did you know about our new Eco Underlay?

SpringBond® Eco underlay is trying to combat the eight million tonnes that fill our oceans every year while improving household air pollution at the same time, offering a cleaner living environment for everyone. The average homeowner could see up to 900 recycled bottles used in underlay in their home.
Give plastic bottles and other single-use plastics a new lease of life and look for green alternatives to everyday items. SpringBond® is made from recycled plastic bottles which is inherently flame resistant and contains no harmful VOCs, resulting in better air quality throughout the home.

Wooden Flooring

Whether it be engineered wood or laminate flooring underlay is vital. The underlay is fitted between the sub-floor and the laminate and fills the void (echo chamber) that would otherwise be empty. The underlay also supports the joints in your click system also referred to as a floating floor, expanding the life span of your new flooring.

The difference is in the detail. Finishing touches are a must!

Whether it be for your carpets, underfloor heating or laminate and wood flooring, our underlays will fully compliment your new flooring.